Julian Schnabel: The genius of the Art and of the life

Is born in NY, USA, in 1951. Gets his diploma in the University of Houston, Texas in 1973 and has his specialization in the Whitney Museum of American Arts during years 1973-74. His first personal exhibition is held in the same museum in year 1976. Schnabel presents his first “plate-paintings” are presented at the Mary Boone Gallery of NY in the year 1979. In the 1983 he starts to sculpt.
During the LIII International Show of Cinematographic Arts a movie “Basquiat”, directed by Schnabel, is presented in Venice. His work as a director is also very successful, in the year 2007 he gets awarded at the Cannes festival as a best director for his movie “Le Scafandre et le papillon”.

In february of 1979, says Mary Jane Jacob, something extraordinary happens, something that takes the world of art by surprise: a young, 29ish painter has his first show at the Mary Boon Gallery and has instant success. All his paintings, prized at 2500-3000 euros are sold out, some even before the opening of the exhibition.

Starting from that moment, says Julian, it becomes possible for a young artist to make his way from complete anonymity to stardom in a very short time, put extremely high prizes on their works and hold big personal exhibitions and retrospectives already a few years from stepping to the art scene.
The type of work that provokes this economic explosion in arts is painting, it’s popularity is revived again mainly for their collectability.

But the most important part of all is that Julian Schnabel is simply a genius of the reviving beauty. And his works are masterpieces of beauty.

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