Gilded Pleasures – Confidential scenes of eternal jewels


Gilded Pleasures – Confidential scenes of eternal jewels

“Life can exist only thanks to aesthetic wonders”: thus poets are able, with a single verse, to express the whirlpool of a woman’s regard, caught and then lost among the city throngs, after visiting a jewel exhibition. A jewel exhibition is the highest sublimation of female eroticism. It is Eros and Thanatos, ésprit de la vie: it makes everything possible. It is the beginning of seduction, a rose that does not yet begin to equal l’espace d’un matin, a lily that has not yet reached its icy purity, but is simply diaphanous in its whiteness, the moon that, to divine goldsmiths’ eyes is still indolent. That jewel, oh, that jewel …! The woman is now an apparition: chair froid et pâle où vivent les divinités, and she enthralls time with a cloud of charm; that jewel sublimates her essence, the angels, too, are delirious, and love’s secret obsession slowly unravels. It is the memory of heart jolts, soul quivers, cheek rosiness, will-o’-the-wisps wandering between sinful variations and happy faithfulness. It is an emotion of lights, a paradise regained in a languor. It is luxury, and one that is not new to desire, that sends the blue ray from its heart: gold, charm, splendour, flight. It is the dejà vu of dances, erotic and daring like rock’n roll, “chez l’amour”: the moon is a ballerina. It is a tale of melancholy, of aching languor: my love, that… jewel shall be mine? It is the start of Beauty as a dolled up woman, as fashion wonders suspended on the ecstasy of looks. Leggi il resto dell’articolo