Ministero della Bellezza A Tribute

Ministry of Beauty presents The Royalty of Beauty
The Beauty is where one does not attend.

Ministero della Bellezza, charity organisation, has pre-established its aim by multiple representations that declare, in all and for all, and the beauty becomes a trace of a spark, lighting up ones soul. Like two fresh roses harvested in Paradise, Ministero della Bellezza is a cause divine. But is it really just for the few of us, or for everyone?! All are in need of Grace and Beauty.
With Ministero della Bellezza, never again will there be artistic representations of obsolete empty minds, tableaux that elevate sublime shock aesthetics of horror or intellectualism of a collapsed thought.
Amidst all the elegance and luxurious excessiveness of Ministero della Bellezza nothing can ever be more beautiful than this breathtaking sparkle that lets you bare your soul.
“One is either a piece of art itself, or wears art”
Ministero della Bellezza shows that Beauty with all its representations is a dazzling glare of the eyes, precocious invitation, a natural high, a rendez- vous with life just discovered and strippe


In its very short life span Ministero della Bellezza has organized two National events:
“Le vesti magiche di Roberto Capucci” (“Magic robes of Roberto Capucci”),
the only world wide known stylist whose creations are considered to be not only to be sculptures but also a presentation of the Italian culture abroad;
“Il non cessar l’oro Federico Buccellati-eleganze e voluttà nei gioielli
da Gabriele d’Annunzio all’oggi” ( The gold never ends. Federico Buccellati, elegance and sensuality in jewelry of Gabrielle d. Annunzio today”)
On the world level Ministero della Bellezza has exclusive right sto shows “Le labbra e il vino” (Lips and Wine),
“Le sacré sauvage” di Gerard di Rancinan
“Follement Marylin Monroe”
“Ce soir ou jamais”: photographic exhibition with Cecil Beaton, Edward Steichen, Helmut Newton, etc
and “Approaching the new century”, Works from Julian Schnabel.
An english edition of a fashion and design magazine, EXCESS, is about to be edited and published.